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Erotic sex - Fucked Car

By Anon - Oct 28, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3304 Erotic sex - I was living in northern California and attending college when I met Debra. I was thirty-five, having gotten a late start on academic life, and she was ten years younger. She was tall, athletic, and adventurous; she also had a curvaceous body, slim-waisted with proudly jutting, firm tits, and a truly delightful pussy with the fleshiest lips I had ever tasted.We were in a couple of classes together when we discovered that we lived near each other. She asked me if she could catch rides with me when it was convenient for both of us, and I agreed. It wasn't long before our mutual interests led us to share an occasional glass of wine or a joint, and we finally hustled each other into bed one rainy night when my girlfriend was away in San Francisco.Debra loved to fuck and to suck cock, considering it a worthy challenge to take my big dick all the way into her throat; she was extremely enthusiastic about sex and sometimes begged me to come on her face or to do her in the ass.Although she lived with her parents, and I with my girlfriend, we found plenty of opportunities to get it on under the pretense of spending time together studying.We sometimes found ourselves interrupting sessions in the college library to sneak off to an empty class-room for a quick fuck or into the stacks for a blowjob. On the way home from school we would occasionally smoke a joint and stop at the beach or in a farmer's field for a moonlit bout of stoned sex.And once in a while she would call me up and we would share our fantasies over the phone while we both jerked off. It was a great affair with a lot of memorable moments, but one truly amazing event occurred on a Saturday morning when we had a study date.We drove to the school parking lot in my car, which had bucket seats. It was a rainy, foggy day. On the way to school I had busied myself reaching under her blouse and playing with her nipples while she undid my pants and sucked lightly on my rising dick.By the time we got to school we were pretty hot to trot, and we thought that under cover of the thick fog we might be able to help ourselves to a piece of each other right there in the parking lot in broad daylight.I drove to a deserted corner of the lot and we started going at it, kissing open-mouthed and fondling each other's genitals. After a few minutes the car windows became steamed up, increasing our camouflage.Before long, Debra had her jeans off -- she hated wearing underpants -- and was straddling my lap facing me with her feet on ether side of my legs on my seat. My hard cock slid into her tight, wet cunt. God it felt good!I grabbed her smooth ass, and together we moved her slowly up and down on my stiff pole. God it felt good!We fucked for a few minutes, reveling in the glorious sensations. My balls were drawn up tight, and the rising and falling of her ass massaged them in a most erotic way.I was happy, but Debra, being of an inventive and curious turn of mind, was restless. She started mumbling something about "putting things in there" while carefully assaying the front seat area of the car.She had an obsession with putting things in her twat that sometimes caused her to behave strangely. Once she had interrupted about of fucking on the floor of a classroom to masturbate herself with the end of a chair leg.She lifted herself off my cock and moved off of me sideways so that she wound up facing the back of the car with one of her feet on each of the front seats. She was squatting down over the center hump of the car, and what she did next really amazed me.She positioned her lovely pussy over the knob of the stick shift and started to rub herself back and forth on it. Then she gave me a soulful, little-girl pout and asked me if I thought she could get it inside her?I was astounded! I didn't know what to say. I thought that she was crazy, but I the prospect of seeing her fuck my car was incredibly exciting to me.I was concerned that she might hurt herself, but she didn't seem worried about that at all. I stuttered something that must have been encouraging and watched as she tried to force the hard, black head of the shift knob between those gorgeous pussy lips.It didn't want to go in, and her face contorted with the effort and with her excitement. She was really working at it! Her juices were running out onto the knob; the sight of her squirming down on it seemed to fill my field of vision com completely, so intently was I concentrating on watching her. She pushed down and twisted, and suddenly the knob disappeared inside her. As it went in, she relaxed and sighed."Is it in?" she asked in a quiet voice, breathing heavily. I nodded my head yes, staring. Her eyes were closed, and by this time she was settling into an up-and-down rhythm. The knob was com completely inside her, and only the bright chrome shaft protruded from her pussy. She was fucking my car, and I was fascinated.She continued for only a couple of minutes, but that was enough. Getting off the shifter, she wore a very self-satisfied smile of true accomplishment. Then she got down on the floor, and after asking me politely for permission, proceeded to suck my cock again. I just looked into her beautiful eyes and nodded.After she got me off, we got dressed and went into the library to study.= = =I kept that car for another three years, but I was careful never to wash the knob of my stick shift. From time to time as I drove along, I would find myself fondling it and remembering the beautiful sight of Debra's lovely wet pussy sliding up and down the shiny steel shaft. Ah, Debra...

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