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Teach You How to Tie a Scarf for a Special Look

Teach You How to Tie a Scarf for a Special Look

Does it ever occur to you that a same scarf could give you a different look every day or fit for various outfits and occasions? Actually, the scarves are the most versatile and fashionable accessory for women. Thanks to the great variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes, silk scarvese in a great variety of styles and are suitable for wear for various outfits and in different occasions. As a matter of fact, even a same scarf could showcase a great variety through different methods of tying.
There are numerous ways for a person to tie a scarf. It could be tied around the neck, over the head, across the shoulder or even round the waist etc. One could tie the scarf, knot it, swathe it or drape it etc. The point is to give out the most personalized look through different tying methods of a scarf. Here, I am about to share with you somemon ways of tying a scarf. Hope they may be able to help you transform the simple look into something special.
French Twist
French Twist is a wonderful way of tying a scarf to fit for a suit, a sweater or a jacket. The tying instructions are as such: First, fold the scarf lengthwise and put it in front of the neck. Then wrap around the scarf with the crossing ends behind neck and then pull forward. Next is to tie a knot under the chin and twist the scarf to one side of the neck so as to move the know off-center. The final step is to hang the ends loosely after tying a double knot.
Slip Knot/Men's Tie Style
The men__s tie style goes perfectly well with a crewneck or a collared shirt. Then how to tie it? First, create an "S" fold by folding the scarf twice length. Pull the "S" shape scarf around the neck, leaving one end slightly longer than the other. Then wrap the longer end over the shorter one to create a loose knot. Adjust the length by pulling the unknotted end and that's one perfect slip knot tie.
Ascot Wrap
Like the men's tie style, ascot wrap also goes well with the formal collared shirts. It could also fit for blouses with skirt or pants. So what are the tying instructions? Wrap the scarf around the neck in the back. The left end should be left slightly longer than the right one. Put the left over the right and make the left go up though the loop. Center and spread the sides. A beautiful ascot scarf is there when you tuck the two ends of the scarf into the mouth of the skirt.
Hacking Knot/Bow
A bow is great for suits, sweaters, T-shirts and jackets. It is easy to tie a hacking knot. Firstly, you should form a loose knot in the center of the oblong scarf. Place the knot under your chin and then cross the ends in the back of the neck. Pull the ends back to the front so that you could place them into the knots in opposite directions. Tie the two ends slightly and you have a beautiful bow.
So, after so much has been introduced, how much have you learned? Enjoy the fabulous scarf and your special look.
How to Look Trendy with Square Scarves is my article about how to wear scarves for lady or girl.
scarveshop Designer Scarves scarveshop article/scarf/teach-you-how-to-tie-a-scarf-for-a-special-look-1740. Teaching Tie a Scarf
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