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Boobs, Brains and Pocket Aces

Boobs, Brains and Pocket Aces

I have to say that it surprises me time and time again that I fall for a headline and even get excited about finding this sort of information, but, as always it leaves me feeling disappointed and slightly annoyed at my own gullibility. The topic of women in poker is a topic that has occupied me for long enough to know that there isn't better or different advice for women new to poker. Poker is about speculation, assertion and playing the blind, or to us lesser players, guessing what the others have, bluffing and not over playing your hand, easy really, so all you need are a few tips to get you going, a larger dose of luck and a bit of confidence. The article I read was called "Beware the Vixen" and it was about female players using their femininity and sexuality as a mask to confuse and deceive. At last, poker rules I understand, but would it work? Or more to the point, if it does work should we use it? Armed with new research I set about asking players I know (male and female) is using what we have cheating? The response was as diverse as it was disturbing. Here are some of the answers (anonymous for obvious reasons) -Yes, but your not a serious player and you poker like a girl pretending to be a man??? (male) -No, every little helps (female) -No, if it helps distract others away from your game, that's just bluffing with boobs (male) -Yes, we don't need that reputation and we are just as good as guys (female) -No, welcome it, cigar smoke, JB & Coke, boobs and pocket aces, happy days (male) The comments were well meant and there was no one that actually took it seriously, but the general consensus was that in a proper game it wouldn't work as most people concentrate on not showing emotion or a weakness that would undermine there image or play. A friend of mine who shall remain nameless told me that all you need is luck, knowledge and cleavage, or as she called it "boobs, brains and pocket aces". The first, "luck", is the most difficult to get as it really does depend on the cards that you are given, but every now and then the better cards are dealt, and if you have your lucky knickers on then those cards are pocket aces. Once you have these, then stage 2 kicks in which is where the hours of practice and reading up on the poker schooling site pays off. Key to a long game is to understand how much you can afford to bet and if, should you lose, how much longer you can stay in the game at the rate that it is played. Plenty of sites offer advice on probabilities, odds and percentages, but these are skills that you really have to grow into. Stage 3 you already have and if you have a face that can be read like a book, then it is skill you should practice. A poker face is a great thing but if you can distract the other players (men) away from looking at your face or into your eyes, then you stand a very fair chance of bluffing your way into a great pot, or out of trouble. The answer to this is a low cut top that offers just a glimpse of cleavage and a promise of more to come. At first I was shocked that someone actually used this and a little annoyed as this tactic just fuels the already macho atmosphere that there tends to be in live games, but, nothing distracts the male mind more than a waft of Channel and a glimpse of cleavage, and if that is going to help me bluff my way out of a bad hand or disguise the tell that I have on my face, then may be its no so bad. But in the great scheme of things, this really isn't me and I seriously doubt if many women could, or would pull this off. It isn't a sure thing and it does leave you looking like some sort of poker bimbo more interested in getting laid after the game than a serious contender for the pot at a poker table. To prove me right a week ago I was at a live game watching the final table and was pleased to see a woman in the final 6 doing really well. She was wearing just a hint of make-up (essentials only) and a T-shirt that read "what ever". Other than that there was nothing different to the way that she interacted with the other players, played her hands, raised her bets or folded when not happy with her cards. She made it to the final 3 and lost to an Ace high excellently played by a very cool sort of player that wouldn't have noticed if she had played in bikini, a Parker or a gorilla costume. Unfortunately I never got to speak to her after the game to congratulate her or ask for feed back to the Vixen theory, so it is still very much an open question as to if it will work or if we should use it. So what is the key to being great at poker?, Boobs, Brains or Pocket Aces? Rose GirlClubPoker girlclubpoker girlclubpoker Registered in 2008, GirlClubPoker is the fastest growing female poker community online. GirlClubPoker offers not just the latest Poker news, Poker views, Poker promotions and Poker talk online, but a unique chance to create your own Poker club. Girl Club Poker, changing the way you play Poker.

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