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Mouthful of Cum

By MCM - Oct 21, 2005 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 11894 My first sexual experience was only 6 months ago when I first moved into my new flat.
There was 4 flats in the block and I was on the bottom living on my own as I had just left home.
Opposite me there was a young couple and above us there was 2 older couples.
One night it was about 6 o'clock and I was just arriving home from work. I noticed on the doorstep next door to me that the girl who lived in there was crying. I introduced myself and she the same, she was called Danielle.
I had seen her before but not to talk to. She was very attractive, the thing that turned me on the most about her was the way she dressed. On both occassions she had been wearing a black jumper, short black pvc skirt and long black knee high boots.
I asked Danielle if she would like to come in as it was better than her sitting on her doorstep on her own.
Once inside I invited her to sit down on the sofa whilst I made us both a drink and then she could tell me all her problems.
She sat down and took her jumper off to relax. Now all she had on top was a thin white blouse and I am almost sure that she wasn't wearing anything much under that.
She told me that a little while ago she had a big argument with her boyfriend and that she thinks it is all over now between them.
She said that they have been going out for about 2 months but he had come back home a little earlier than expected and found her on their bed playing with a dildo. She explained that she often did it just to pleasure herself until he got home from work.
He was absolutely disgusted and they had a big row and he threw her out and said that he wanted nothing else to do with her.
I started to ask what a dildo was because I have never heard of one. I grew up a mummys boy and I certainly didn't know anything about sex at all. Mum was very strict about what I knew about that subject.
She got it out of her handbag as he made sure she took it with her, he didn't want "that thing" hanging around the flat.
She showed me the dildo that caused the argument with her boyfriend, it was massive and looked like a big rubber penis.
Danielle started to show me it and she put the tip of it into her mouth and licked it all around the edges. This was her teasing herself apparantley. She was starting to turn me on now, my penis was getting bigger I could feel it in my pants. I never had this before but I was actually liking it.
I could see her nipples through her blouse and they was growing, seemed to be getting harder. She said that she was getting turned on by it and asked me if I would like to help her. I agreed.
Danielle gave me the dildo as she lifted up her small pvc skirt. She told me to rub it around her vaginal area very gently.
I did it very slow and after about 3-4 minutes I could see her white panties getting wetter and wetter. She seemed to like this.
She then gave out a little gasp and asked me if I would like to go inside and 'fuck' her with it, once again I agreed.
She slid her panties down around and over her long knee high boots and pointed the dildo into the direction she wanted it.
Once again I started moving it around very slowly and I could see the wettness of her coming out of her hole.
Then Danielle grabbled my hand and made me push the dildo right into her and she was saying to me harder and harder.
She was actually fucking this thing and it was making her cum like there was no tomorrow.
She then asked me to go on the floor and told me to lick her in between her legs. As I started to do this I could feel myself getting harder. She moved forward towards the front of the sofa and wrapped her legs around the back of my head. I had no control whatsoever, she had her knee high boots around my head and was pulling my head towards her fanny as fast as she could. She was fucking my face and I could feel her cumming all over me. After about 10 minutes she pulled herself away from me and turned herself around and got up. She was now on the front room floor legs spread wide and her boots in the air.
She asked me to put myself in her and fuck her hard. I didnt need asking twice. I grabbed hold of her boots and rammed my cock into her and I fucked her and fucked her until she screamed out loud. I was sure all the neighbours must have heard her, she came all over me and when I pulled out we were both soaking wet.
Me and Danielle then both sat down and she gave me a cigarette, she said that after that she didn't want her boyfriend back and that I was the best fuck that she had ever had. She has kicked her boyfriend out now because it was her place and every day either she comes over my place or I go to hers and we have amazing sex that lasts for hours.
I will never forget my first good shagging.....

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