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Swinger Stories

Swinger Stories

Sex stories involving Swingers and Wife swapping - A collection of sexual stories of husband and wife swapping otherwise known as swinging. This section also includes sex stories of wife with multiple sex partners (gangbanging). You will also find several other variations of swapping and swinging stories.
article_2443 Our First Time - I then turned my attention back to June & started to suck on her hard nipples while stroking her pussy through her panties. I pulled away the material & pushed a finger into her sopping wet fanny then moved it to my mouth, she tasted so good. I just had to have more. I moved down her body until my face was level with the freshest looking pussy, I pulled away her panties & started to lick holding her open as I did so...
article_2007 Our First - My wife and i were eating dinner at a good friends house one night when the weather had started to get a little messy. It was January in New York so when i say a little messy what i really mean is lots of snow and very bad roads. While we were eating a young women about 25 walked in to the house and started saying how bad the weather was, she commented that she lived way up on a hill and did not dare to...
article_1969 A Night To Remember - "Ahhhhhhh, I'm coming!" Chris cried as he began to jerk and spasm into Jen's mouth. Unlike me, he didn't take his dick out of Jen's mouth so that Stacey and I could see. But I knew he must have been blasting a huge load into Jen's mouth as well, because Jen's cheeks seemed to start bulging slightly at the sides, and I saw a couple of tiny drops of overflowing cum trickle out the corner of her mouth.
article_1944 A Night To Remember - Now, back when Jennifer and I discussed the possibility of a threesome with Stacey, I felt it was only fair to let her know that I didn't have a double standard. If she was willing to let me fuck another woman, I was willing to let her fuck another man. I thought that was only fair. To my relief, though, she always said that there was no way she could do anything like that. After Chris began his innocent flirting with my wife, though, I noticed I began to think more and more about watching Jen getting fucked by him. Or seeing her suck him off. And to my surprise, I would actually be turned on by these thoughts.
article_1860 The Tiger Man - My wife and I enjoy swinging. We met a couple that was rather unique. He could not get it up and she had the heart of a tiger...
article_1743 My First Bi Experience - My first bisexual experience. Meeting someone on line, exploring our feelings, meeting and acting on our feellings and desires.
article_1567 A Threesome with Friends - On this occasion though after a nice meal and lots to drink someone suggested we play cards as we often did when we got together as couples. Dave fetched a pack of cards and asked what we should play. I suggested strip poker meant as a joke and was amazed when both Dave and Sally said OK.
article_1472 My Tow Truck Experiences - I got a job driving a tow truck to earn some money for school.
article_1448 The New Hot Tub - I had won a top of the line spa from a radio station but I didn't realize how it would change my life.
article_1421 And Six Makes it Better - My place was the local hangout, pool, jacuzzi, and bar, what more could you want, besides the girls getting there tops pulled off in fun.
article_1420 The Lost Bet - She bet on the wrong team, now she is paying off. At the weekly poker game.
article_1373 My Best Halloween - Nothing says Halloween like a costume with near nudity. So we went online in search of just the right outfits. I of course would love to go as a sultry vampire, with hubby as Count Dracula. Oh God, the mere thought of that sends shivers through my whole body! It wasnÂ’t long until we found the perfect attire.
article_1201 Pool Time Part 2 - The next day, all Kandy could think about was meeting another couple for some hot, wild fun. When she envisioned RexÂ’s golden tan, calm attitude and teasing blue eyes it made her weak in the knees.
article_1169 Pool time part one - John started teasing her a bit hoping to relax her about the meeting, but deep down inside he knew that only one thing would do the trick; a good hard fucking.
article_951 Jayde and Jim - The day I watched them AT IT - A man has been manipulated into an obsession with a woman who turns out very rude and kinky.
article_874 A Sharing Vacation - They were whispering things back and forth then she kissed him back, longer this time then she whispered something to him that I couldn’t hear and he turned and looked at me and said “Your wife would like to fuck me and she said I had to ask you for permission” I asked her if that’s what she wanted and she said “yes, would you like to watch?”
spa- sex Backyard Spa Sex - I got in first and with anticipation watched as Jessica took off her robe and stepped into the spa. During that instant she spread her legs to step into the spa I could see her pussy lips stretch, it was surrounded by a little jungle of delicate black hair. I felt my cock surge with blood as I looked at her gaping little cunt and at her round brown ass cheeks. She was truly gorgeous!
article_704 Second Swinger Resort Visit - Adventuresome couple's second visit to nude swingers resort. Same room sex. Elle and I had returned to a popular clothing optional "Lifestyle Friendly" in south central Texas for a weekend of what we hoped to be erotic soft swinging fun together and hopefully with other soft and hard swinging couples we had met on our first weekend at the resort a few months before.
article_639 An Erotic Sex Story - When the music began,   a man nearby, couldnÂ’t take his eyeÂ’s of them, I was so turned on, and by the size of her nipples and those well-placed tattoos.
publicsex Sex Al Fresco -  She wanted to have sex in a public place with him. He resisted a first, but then he gave into her wishes,
wifefucked Watching my wife get fucked - It was so damn nasty to see her pussy dripping with another mans cum. Our new friend rubbed his cock all over the outside of her pussy then fingered her a bit.
cock-ass Hubbys Game Gone Wrong - These strange fingers were pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts while I was grinding my pussy into Jims hard cock. Suddenly he lowered me slightly and I felt a pressure on my ass, it was the head of a naked cock, what the fuck I thought to myself, is going on here.
impregnation Angies Impregnation - Angie didnt like doing it. Standing there in front of her boyfriend Rick and his friend Luke, her breasts exposed, and her voluptuous 36 inch D cup breasts unhooked from their bra and sagging onto her chest every so slightly.
swinger-girl Swinger Girl - Jodi was lying on her back across the bed, and her legs were over JimÂ’s shoulders. He was kneeling on a big pillow on the floor and had his face buried in JodiÂ’s pussy, one hand was up in there somewhere also, and from the motion of that elbow, I imagine he had a couple fingers strumming JodiÂ’s G-spot while his tongue and lips were working on her clit.
article_442 Anonymous Lay - Lorraine had no idea who the man had been. Whether he was 20 or 60 years old; what race he'd been, or if he'd been handsome or ugly. He could have even been a dirty old street bum for all she knew.
article_338 Dinner at Bills - My wife finally remembers I am in the room to and looks over at me and smiles and motions me over to stand beside Bill. I walk around the bed and stand beside Bill with my erect 5 ½” and she looked at us both and smiled and said how much she is going to enjoy us making love to her. I glance down as she has both cocks in her hand and I am embarrassed at the size difference.
In_the_Arms_of_Another In the arms of another... - Swinger sex story - My wife grabbed the box and open it and wouldn’t you know it was the newest swinger video. My wife if you remember didn’t care to much for these type of videos but was very eager to view it. After about 15 minutes into the swinging video, Bill made the remark about bringing back good memories. I could tell my wife was getting hot by the way she was squirming around. Then the statement come not from me but from my wife. “Do you think it’s possible to make some new ones”? I looked into her eyes and she was practically pleading for my permission.
article_289 It Finally Happened - Swinger story - Arranging a swinging get together with a service home man. - I leaned over and kissed her and when I did, Bill had moved his hand to the bottom of the nightshirt and begin to raise it up. She took Bills hand and push it down and I whisper to her it's OK. She reply back are you sure and I nodded,   and Bill proceeded to raise her nightshirt to reveal her soaked panities where she was so hot. Bill pulled her panties to the side and slightly fingered her until she begin rocking with his hand movement.
sexy- woman Swinger sex story - sexy woman - Swinger sex story - As I reached over to put my drink back on the coffee table, I gave Melinda a devilish wink. I put my arms around Hank and kissed him seductively. He slid his tongue into my waiting mouth. He reached up and cupped my breast in his hand. Gently he sqeezed and rubbed my tits through my thin blouse. I could feel the nipples becoming hard with his gentle touch and I pressed closer to him, wriggling in delight. Melinda noticed Hank's cock swelling and slowly began to rub it. Hank offered no resistance and spread his legs. She rubbed his cock ever so gently, while running her other hand through his hair. I could feel his passion rise as he sqeezed my tits more firmly now. As we were kissing passionately, Hank began unbuttoning my blouse. With my tits now thoroughly exposed, Hank leaned over to kiss them. Melinda unzipped his pants and took out his throbbing member.
swinger-success Success - Finally!! - Swinger sex tale - After about eight years of marriage Darla and my love life had very typically become status quo. We continued to have sex, but less frequently and with less intensity. I started to become interested in the idea of "Swinging" with another couple and would mention the idea in passing from time to time. For several months whenever I mentioned the idea, Darla would just chuckle or in some way not take it seriously.
swinging-story When dreams come true - A swinging sex story - My Fantasy revolves around my wonderful wife Pam, who, now that I have not seen her for a while, makes me realize how much I love her and miss her. She has over the years become one of the most responsible people I know and the best mother I know of all the people around us. I receive a lot of pleasure from giving her pleasure.
swinger-story A swingers story - A swingers story - Ted had fucked my wife on several occasions and told me how terrific it was. The sheer animal lust of Lyn mixed with her soft and beautifulsexuality was a turn on to any man. Ted, like me, was a watcher. Heliked to see Lyn fucked, so it was only a matter of time before hetalked his wife Teri into a swap session.
new-years-eve New Years Eve - Swinger story - ItÂ’s not uncommon for cops to marry each other.  We work a nasty, unforgiving, thankless job with pressure from all possible sides.  We try todo whatÂ’s right most of the time but somebody is always coming down on us.Our suspects, obviously donÂ’t like us and often curse us.  We can live withthat. Their victims, often enough, also curse us a lot.  I canÂ’t count thenumber of times IÂ’ve arrested an abusive husband for beating the shit out ofhis wife and then had the wife in question verbally or even physically attackme for doing so.
article_35 Nadia's First Swing - Swinger sex story - Let's start out with a little history. My girlfriend's name is Nadia. She is of Italian descent with long black hair that falls almost to her waist. She is about 5'4" and has the body of an athlete. She often attracts stares from other men and is always getting hit upon.
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