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Adult Amateur Newbie Do's and Don'ts

Adult Amateur Newbie Do's and Don'ts

So... you want to be an adult amateur and share your sexy photos and videos with the world? Well, you are starting in the right place! After years of working in the adult industry, I've learned some useful tips and tricks that you should try, as well as some major mistakes that you need to avoid, if you want to do it right. DO experiment with lighting and make sure you are getting a clear shot - nobody likes dark, fuzzy photos or videos - it's just not sexy. DO try to set the scene - sure, these are amateur home productions, but you should clean up the clutter, make the bed and at least make the background presentable. DO invest in a tripod for your camera - it helps you to get better shots and can be a great way to take self-portraits if you don't have a partner snapping the pics or if your partner wants to get in on the action! DO take lots of photos each session so you can discard the unflattering ones and choose the best pics to share with your friends and fans. DO be sure to pose in lots of different ways - nobody wants to just see you smiling with your hands on your hips (or whatever) again and again - provide some variety! Add in some sex toys or do some role-playing - it should be all about whatever YOU are into. DO invest in a good camera - sure you could go old school and use a Poloroid to get that homemade effect, but there are some very affordable DSLR cameras out there that take amazing photos, why not look your very best? DO mix it up and try wearing different outfits, costumes, stockings or lingerie - appear nude straight up or do a little striptease as you progress - remember, this is supposed to be fun! DON'T over-think it... amateur photography is all about the girl, guy or couple next door - this isn't a professional production even if you do have a professional-quality camera. DON'T try to structure your videos too much - just go with the flow, that's what everyone wants to see anyway... have a basic idea of what you want to do just so the cameraman knows where to shoot, but other than that - go scriptless! DON'T be concerned with being perfect - if you are having a bad hair day, or you have a tiny pimple on your nose - it's all good... the amateur niche is all about those tiny imperfections that make it real and honest - amateur fans are sick of air-brushed porn stars and they want to see YOU! DON'T think that you won't fit in - the amateur niche encompasses all types of people - sexy moms, hot grandmas, swingers, wives, couples, lesbians, bi-sexuals - whatever! Amateur fans love a heavy dose of reality and want to see a little bit of everything. But the biggest thing of all is... DON'T forget to check out AmateurShowRoom - they will pay you for your amateur photo and video submissions! Relax, have fun shooting your homemade content and let AmateurShowRoom do all the work! Kath Blackwell has over a dozen years of experience working as a writer, developer and consultant in various areas of the adult online industry and is currently working as a marketing consultant for amateurshowroom amateurshowroom , the first adult amateurmunity that showcases member-submitted photos and videos.

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