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Men's Guide to Kissing - How to Make a Girl Kiss You

Men's Guide to Kissing - How to Make a Girl Kiss You

Guys are always expected to do the first move every time it's time to kiss. Girls may want to do it but they often do not, fearing it might make them look desperate and easy-to-get. But hey, lots of guys like it when girls make the first move on them? Want to make a girl kiss you? Follow these three easy steps. Hygiene. Dental hygiene should be on your number one list. No one wants to kiss someone who stinks. Girls are very sensitive with scent, thus, it gets them turned-on when you smell good. It's an aphrodisiac so make sure you do not hold any offensive foul smell in you when approaching a girl, much more, kiss her. Eye-contact. The eyes are very powerful, and by maintaining close eye contact with her, you will both feel a certain degree of connection. While you're at it, you might want to lean closer, whisper in her ear, touch the tip of your nose to her skin, like her cheek, ear or even shoulder. It's sexy and quite electrifying. The deal her is to tease her into wanting to kiss you. So be patient. Touch. Before breaking the barrier by a kiss, establish some touching beforehand. Hold her hand, put an arm around her waist, rest your chin on her shoulder... there are many ways to do this. When your physical intimacy has heightened, there is no other way to intensify it more but through a kiss. So keep her waiting. Motion as if you're about to kiss her but move away. This will definitely drive her wild. If you would like to discover more intimate details on how to make a Mens-Guide-to-Kissing---How-to-Make-a-Girl-Kiss-You&id=2306261girl kiss you, do visit my website to get your hands on my FREE information which has helped thousands of men get women they thought they never had a chance with! Mark Taylor is an expert on seduction attraction and dating. He has helped thousands of men attract beautiful women and get over their shyness and transform into confident men. masteronlinedater MasterOnlineDater

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